In Progress 
Painting for December 09 from the Series 365 Days Out of my Mind. 
OM 284

Not much progress has been made on this painting since it began in 2007. Yesterday I merely painted the two planks going across the hole in the ground out of which the two figure emerge.

Sometimes the painting sits for years (literally) till “something” finally happens that brings all the elements together (if what happened with other paintings in the series is an indication of what might happen in this painting).

I love watching each painting slowly emerge – without it seems to me – any input from me: after all I don’t think about each painting during the year until I come back to it the following year to work on it again – some times as in this case – to add very little or as evidenced in this painting also, to paint over elements I had previously painted into the painting.

2014 12Dec 09 CIM progression